License your cover songs

It is important that you secure the proper mechanical license before you distribute a cover song. We have partnered with Easy Song to make this whole process as smooth as possible. Start your music licensing process now.

Important: derivative works, including works that contain samples, cannot be cleared through a compulsory mechanical license. You need to seek the permission of the publisher.

Advantages of using Easy Song

Clear 100% of the rights for any song. Easy Song Licensing follows the United States Compulsory Mechanical Licensing law, which makes it possible for them to license any song. This means you are in safe hands and you can be rest assured of 100% clearing.

They Guarantee it. Get Proof of Licensing in 1-2 business days. ESL guarantees their work and they automatically refund your money for Public Domain songs. Easy Song Licensing offers the fastest song licensing in the world. 

Pay only $16.99 + Royalties. The lowest priced service in the industry. Songs that are in the Public Domain do not require licensing. If Easy Song Licensing discovers that a song is in the Public Domain after you have paid them, they will refund all fees and royalties for that song immediately.

Get Your License in 4 Easy Steps

Create an account on Easy Song

Enter the song you want to license

Pay $16.99 + Royalties to obtain license

Distribute your cover song with Fresible Music

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