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Sell your music on online stores/platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube, Boomplay, Notjustok and over 90+ Websites. A Global Music Distribution Company for Global Creatives. Guaranteed 100% Rights.

We sell your music digitally to more than 90 online music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Boomplay, Tiktok, Deezer, Shazam, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

We help you monetize your music on Youtube (even if it was not uploaded by you) and get paid as people listen. Fresible has been an official YouTube partner since 2018 and has access to the YouTube Content-ID system

We help you promote your music to a target audience all over the world through a powerful marketing and promotion strategy within a specified period.

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Fresible Music represents more than 1000 artists/labels from Nigeria, USA, South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, Turkey etc. to sell their songs and receive royalties. There is a very high chance that some of your favorites songs are distributed by Fresible Music

What Fresible Music members are getting:

100% Right

Fresible does not own any stake in your music. You own 100% of the rights to your song. You own all the rights to your music. We promise.

Free Smartlink

Fresible Links offers an easy way to share your music online and you’ll get one free every time you release new music through Fresible Music

Get Paid Anytime

Request payment directly to your bank account anytime you want. 

Split Sharing

You can easily spilt royalties to anyone using our app or use the auto-split feature. Currently available in beta for some users. 

Free Playlist Pitching

You can easily submit your song for free for playlist pitching consideration. Available to premium subscribers alone. 

In-App Store

You can easily purchase free promotions using the in-app store. Available in beta for some users

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For artists  looking at doing more than global digital music distribution. 

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For artists on the go looking at global music distribution