My Fresible Internship – Vivian Odunayo Ajibola

Odunayo Vivian Ajibola with Professor Ernest Ojukwu SAN at the Fresible Headquaters in August 2017

Article written by Vivian Odunayo Ajibola.

It started as a need to do something useful with my time, pending Law school resumption. During one of those idle July days, I came across a post on Instagram! Fresible had an opening for Law interns!

Prior to the post, I was conversant with the activities of the firm. Fresible was responsible for hosting the best events in my university (Afe Babalola University). Whenever I came across the name ‘Fresible’, fun came to mind. Therefore, I applied for the position with an open mind

Mind you, Fresible is a Creative Digital Agency, responsible for designing and building websites, developing digital marketing strategies for clients, graphics design, organizing events and running Law Repository. The team consists of coders, graphic designers, marketers, website designers and lawyers.

I got the job! These involved seven (7) working hours, during which I partook in writing articles, researching, reviewing law reports, etc. As a law intern, I had the privilege to work on Law Repository, which is a website system for lawyers who want to upgrade their legal practice by using 21st century tools to soar ahead of their peers.

At Fresible, I worked with a team of young and vibrant individuals, who always put their best efforts when performing duties assigned. There was no excuse for inefficiency considering the fact that there was no grumpy boss. The ambience was perfect for selfless dedication.

No one deserves to work in a tense environment and Fresible definitely understands that.

I must confess, waking up early on a daily basis to go prepare for work was a struggle, but then I had the thought of the day’s prospect as a comfort. Fresible was a drive to explore my abilities, for instance, I realised I have a flare for writing!

Highlights of my experience;

  • The People; there was a peculiar bond between the team, we worked as friends.
  • Our conversations; amidst working there was always something intriguing to discuss. From politics, religion, social media, relationships

The team consists of great minds. Brainstorming is the trend.

  • Food chronicles; the key words are Underground and Honey food.
  • Movie time, TGIF, photo sessions and the serenity of the Blue Room.
  • Fresible hosted a legal luminary, Professor Ernest Ojukwu SAN, It is a privilege to have made his acquaintance.
  • Doing my job!

In a short while, I gained the best work family one can ask for and also realised that there’s always an interesting way to be productive. I cannot overemphasise the value of a friendly team; this is one of the most important aids to successful teamwork.

Then came the end of my stay, I couldn’t imagine the following weeks away from work, but with the assurance of being a part of something big, I relived the privilege.

I became a Legal Blogger.


Vivian Odunayo Ajibola is a Law graduate of Afe Babalola University

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Tayo Odediran

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