Welcome to the Afe Babalola University (ABUAD) Branch of Fresible Company Limited

The ABUAD Branch of the company was launched in 2012 with just 3 staffs, Fred Oyetayo, Dami Olowokere and Lekan Bamidele before expanding to more than 10 staffs within the same year. The branch has gone through previous management headed by the likes of Fred Oyetayo, Omotayo Odediran, Tosin Ige, etc. The branch is one of the highest revenue earner for the company and possesses industrious and highly motivated student-workers. The branch operates pay as you work scheme which enables student make money as they study and work. The branch is registered with Afe Babalola University and has organised over 30 events since inception.

Current Staff List

Nos Name Designation
1. Are Oluwatomi Manager, Fresible ABUAD
2. Accounting Manager
3. Esu Raphael A. Human Resource/ Recruitment
4. Olurogba David Ogunnaike Head of Event /Publicity
5. Akpobome Dafe Events/Publicity
6. Anorue Chukwuma Richard Events/Publicity
7. Olamide Lawal – Midas Secretary
8. Ngobiwu Treasure Events/Publicity
9. Olawoyin Falilat Olajumoke Events
10. Ubani Obinna Publicity
11. Lateef Adeniji (t-sticks photography) Photography/Event



for enquires,

email: abuad@fresible.com

cc: lamidas48@gmail.com

Call ‪+234 816 004 2979 – Midas

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