Vote Fresible LLC as the Company of the Year

Throughout the year, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality service with an unrelenting commitment to satisfaction.  We now call upon our partners, user, customers and other well wishers to show their support of our efforts by Voting for us as the Tush Awards Student Company of the Year 2013 and also vote our Chief Executive Officer, Oyetayo Fred as the Most Enterprising Nigerian Student.

We value your time and thank you in advance for contributing to this extremely important measure of performance excellence.  To ensure a fair and accurate nomination process, Fresible requests that all voters should vote multiple times: if possible vote everyday as many times as possible.  Please provide all necessary details such as name, email. phone number on the voting website.

We are truly honored to have been recognized in the past by some of the most influential and well-respected organizations in the Nigeria. This prestigious award represents the convergence of the very best in our field.  We sincerely hope our dedication to superior quality and service merits your endorsement of Fresible as the Student Company of the Year.

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