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Fresible  Developers is composed of the finest  developers we have around. Headed by Oyetayo Fred and Fagbemi Elijah, Fresible Developers was founded in April of 2012. We started as a freelancer agents each working as a consultant. Fresible Developers is under Fresible Company Limited (Fresible Ltd) and we worked on over 51 projects within this short period of our existence.

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Fresible Developers is one of the main arms of Fresible Company Limited and this arm is sub divided into 1. the web development section, the programmer section, the software analysts, the repair section.

In 2012 we established this company and our client base started growing. Today we have over 25 clients. As the web 2.0 era started emerging, we were keenly watching and stepping up our design skills. We try and learn new technology all the time to provide the best to our clients.

Our versatility in programming is top notch as we have mastered basically all languages to include but not limited to C, C#, C++, Cobol, Visual Basic, Java, javascript, Pascal, Phyton, Objective C, Ruby, etc

We have cutting edge technology in Hardware and Software repairs. Between April 2013 and June 2013, our team of developers recorded over 240 repairs that include software and hardwares.

Right now we’ve mastered basically every area of web design & internet technology, from search engine optimization and tricks to web 2.0 design standards. We also offer solutions in all of the major programming languages (PHP, .NET, Ruby on Rails & JSP) and select the best to fit each project’s needs.

In April 2013, we appointed Fagbemi Elijah as our Vice President and we recruited 3 other top notch developers namely

  • Mkpanam Andrew                                   Web Designer/programmer
  • Odibo Maro                                                Developer/Repair