Redesigning a Law Firm Website with a conservative and minimalistic focus.

Probitas Partners LLP is a specialized expertise firm committed to producing world class legal services, with a credible track record in several areas of law including: dispute resolution, corporate & commercial law, maritime, aviation, real property, intellectual property, telecommunication and islamic finance law. 

Redesigned from the ground up.

All lawyers want a website to be proud of. A website that can be used to showcase their works and a website to serve as a meeting point between their clients and their services. The Probitas Partners LLP’s website was last designed in 2011. We redesigned the website from ground up scraping all existing materials and designs and coming up with a powerful yet minimalistic website. 

Law Firm with a difference

We worked with the Probitas Partners LLP team to create a stunning website. We followed this through with a powerful yet clean design, class user interface and world-class user experience. We combined technical expertise and design knowledge to provide the best-in-class web and online platform for Probitas Partners LLP. This increased their conversion rate and boosted their online reputation. 

“Partnering with the Fresible Team enabled us to deliver a new innovative website. Their collaborative work style kept the project moving fast, allowing us to rapidly prototype and test out product ideas. This allowed us to do multiple iterations and refine the product to deliver a stellar web experience. I hope to work with this talented team in future projects.”

Lanre Sorinola, Associate – Probitas Partners LLP


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