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Fresible Developers

Our developers section is top notch and one of the best in the country. We design and develop website from the scratch, develop mobile applications, perform software and hardware repairs, offer consultancy work, etc.

Event Management and Entertainment

We plan all types of events and we work within our clients budget. Fresible Events/Entertainment uses application of project management to the creation and development of festivals, events and conferences, concerts, show, parties, ceremony and any other dorm of events.


With more that a million total social media followers on all platforms with multiple accounts, Fresible Social Media marketers can successfully reach your target audience within a stipulated time frame. We posses highly skilled social media influencers that can drive the right engagement with a budget sum.

About us

We provide creative solutions that get meaningful attentions to clients around the world.

Fresible Company Limited (RC 1138902) was founded by Fred Oyetayo in 2008 as an IT Firm while in High School. Fresible Company Limited is a world class company specialized in providing top notch services through our four major subdivisions. Through our subdivisions we provide ICT, Entertainment, Events Management and Advertisement/ Publicity services. We ensure to put in our best at every project with the intent of giving our clients the best and the satisfaction they deserve.

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We are tested and trusted, Our clients are always coming back and asking for more and we never fail to over-satisfy them

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We are constantly making the headlines within and outside Nigeria. Know more about us.